Peace Pipe

The story behind this piece is bitter sweet; it goes back to around 1997 when I created the original, acrylic on canvas – roughly 2’ x 4’ painting. In 1999 I went to Hollywood, Los Angeles, for the first time with the thought of being out there longer than I ended up staying. I had taken the painting, along with a couple others and the rest of my belongings–unfortunately I was only there for three months due to a lack of money. With the intentions of returning, I left for NYC and left behind my artwork at the home of my new California friends, since I wasn’t able to carry it all back with me on the Greyhound. Long story short I didn’t make it back to LA until January 2002–by then I had lost contact with the people whom I had left the painting with, and when I had returned, they had ended up moving themselves.


Recently while going through an old photo album, there was a picture of the painting hanging in the Los Angeles apartment where I had left it. Although I had never forgotten about the painting and honestly thought about it quite a bit, seeing it again inspired me to want to recreate it.  This happened to coincide with me getting back into screen printing. From that photo I created an outline of the painting and hand painted the actual screen to which I can now use to reproduce the image with onto various mediums. From there I hand paint the colors giving each print its own unique touch – hence each piece becomes its own original work of art.


My hope is that the original painting still exists, that it’s hanging on the wall of whoever is in possession of it, being enjoyed by all who see it. By being able to recreate & reproduce this favorite painting of mine I want to be able to keep its spirit alive while able to enjoy it again and share the feeling I get from it with anyone else who sees it and enjoys it as well.


One last thing, If by the slightest chance anyone has seen the original painting out there I would greatly appreciate hearing from you. Thanks!

Alyx is wearing the Succubus tShirt.